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Packing & Unpacking

PROFESSIONAL PACKING & UNPACKING Don't panic! SF Pack Attack will send our skilled, compassionate and efficient team to your home to help you pack when you are overwhelmed and on the verge of losing it. Just moved? Brain cells overloaded? We'll help you unpack and arrange your new home! PLEASE NOTE: SF Pack Attack DOES NOT load or unload. We don't move boxes or furniture to or from a truck. We can refer you though :-)

Complete Move Coordination

We can “Do it All” or you can choose only the services you need. We can: Develop an overall move plan Moving Day Supervision Contact Utilities, Phone, and Cable Companies De-clutter (organize, sort and purge) Assist in donating or discarding unwanted items and furnishings Pack, Unpack, and Organize Pack and Ship items (via UPS, etc.) Change of Address Services Something else? Please ask. We are not a moving company, but we are happy to refer you to a trusted mover.

Packing Materials

NEED BOXES? Use our services and we'll hook you up with front door box delivery! We are not a moving company, but we are happy to refer you to a trusted mover.

Move In or Move Out Cleaning

Don't get your hands dirty - let SF Pack Attack do it for you! We'll clean your old home home after you move out and/or your new place before you move in! Leave it to our professional, efficient and thorough cleaning team. You supply the cleaning materials or we can bring them with us. We'll make it SPARKLE!

Organizing & De-Cluttering

Home or Office Organization Buried? Clutter all around you? It just never ends, right? Wrong! It ends right here. SF Pack Attack will organize your space and help rescue you from the overwhelming clutter in your home, office, or garage. We're quick, efficient and non-judgmental! Pack Attack can help you purge and organize that special room or space so you can use and enjoy your home to it's fullest potential.

Wait Services

It's like having an extra you! We’ll WAIT for SERVICE PEOPLE , DO HOUSE SITTING/CHECKING, and CAT SIT! NEIGHBORHOODS: Castro Mission - Dolores Noe Valley Duboce Triangle Haight

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